RHoK Goa April 2015 Summary

Random Hacks of Kindness spread to Goa in April 2015 with the intent of fostering a local sustainable community to enable the local humanitarian work. There was a Hackathon organized on 11th and 12th April at Colva beach, Goa. It was supported by NASSCOM 10,000 Startups.

The problem statements for this edition were pitched and curated a few days before the hackathon by various owners and NGOs. There were around 6 problem statements pitched. Here is a list of the pitches that were made:

1.Organisation: Tara Trust
Tara trust works with street children.
Issue pitched: The need for a system to locate children below 18 (street children) and create a listing of all of them like a census based on locality.
Impact: This helps the trust to gather more volunteers with more street kids.

2. Organisation: Safecity
Safecity works with collecting street harassment reports and creating change through these reports.
Issue pitched: The need for a way to automatically submit harassment reports received to the Goa police stations after segregation of reports based on their respective jurisdictions.

3. Organisation:
Issue pitched: Lack of awareness on mental health and the resulting stigma attached to it reduces the chances reduces help seeking behaviours. Many patients or their families refuse to come in for help as they feel “they are not like the others”. Create a system that reduces this stigma in the community.
Impact: Better mental health care for those who require it.

4. Organisation: ElderCare program
ElderCare program works with senior citizens in goa to cater to their needs and well-being.
Issue pitched: There are no communication systems that can help cater to seniors living alone. A system which can help them communicate their needs and emergencies would be of immense help.

5. Issue: Yellow pages for artisans
Every village (in Goa or elsewhere) has a number of barefoot artisans, service providers, and others, who are looking out for a market. At the same time, there are middle­class potential buyers who need to access such products and services.

6. Issue: Saving Life on Road
Many people die in road accident in India, this project is about saving those lives by leveraging the power of Data Science. Our objective is to suggest optimal deployment of RTO officers and ambulance to avert accidents and minimize medical response time.

On the first day of the hackathon, the following 4 problem statements were chosen as the main focus:

  1. Saving life on road
    2. Problem statement by Tara Trust
    3. Problem statement by ElderCare program
    4. Yellow pages for artisans

After three evaluations on day 1 and two on day 2, the following solutions took form:

Saving life on road
Status of hack:
Completed and available for deployment. The team will be taking it up with the Goa traffic police for the further steps.
Solution: The solution is based on predictive data analysis from previous accidents to identify accident hotspots and to help position the emergency vehicles in nearby vicinity.

Problem statement by Tara Trust
Status of the hack: The main modules have been completed. Integration is pending.
The team created a CMS precisely to help map the children and help assign volunteers through a map.

This hackathon laid the foundation for the RHoK Goa Community and was conducted close to the beach with live music encouraging the hackers in traditional Goan spirit.

RHoKette MSRIT Bangalore 2015 Summary

RHoKette is an initiative to get engineering students to develop their skill-sets to solve real world problems instead of the conventional focus on acquiring jobs in the industry. The format of RHoKette is very similar to that of RHoK but the duration varied from 12 to 48 hours depending on official college permissions.

The RHoKette event at MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore was conducted on 28th March 2015 in partnership with the Association of Computer Engineers, Janaagraha, The Bachchao Project, Sanchaya.net and Project Khel. It was an 11 hour event from 8 am to 7pm with 5 teams and 15 hackers who were led by Vishwanath Kulkarni and Rishi Gautam Bhatnagar. This was the first RHoKette at MSRIT, Bangalore.

The list of problem statements that were discussed at the event are available here:

The teams worked on the following hacks:
1. We For You
Organization: The Bachchao Project
Problem: Lack of a platform for complaints and feedback at airports especially for immigration related issues.
Status of the hack: In progress however a functional MVP was made.
Solution: A platform which can be used to gather all the information about the issues at the airports was built. All the description about the mishaps can be submitted to the authorities using this platform, pictures about the incident can also be included in the same. This platform also comes with an anonymous option. It has been built on MySQL and PHP. The team is really looking forward to take it to the next step.

2. Geo-location tagging for documents
Organization: Janaagraha
Problem: Geo-tagging files collected from various sources
Status of the hack: In progress
Solution: A java based application which could geo-tag files based on the address on the files and store them in a database.

3. Leaf Blade
Organization: Project Khel
Problem: Build a safe space where kids can go and ask questions about sex education.
Status of the hack: In progress
Solution: The team came up with the idea where the users could anonymously have conversations with the qualified doctors in private and no history of the conversation is saved. They could also ask specific questions to the list of available doctors. They used Mongo DB as their database. The demo was not completed, some more integration is required. A feedback mechanism is yet to be integrated. The team is interested in taking the hack forward.

4. Forum for anonymous questioning on Sex education
Organization: Project Khel
Problem: Build a safe space where kids can go and ask questions about sex education.
Status of the hack: In progress
Solution: The team came up with a forum where the people could go and ask questions about sexual education. The users can log in anonymously, hence giving them privacy. The front end of the app was functional and it was equipped with MySQL support. The team is interested in taking the hack forward.

Top Hacks:
1. We For You
2. Leaf Blade

All the projects can be found at: